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Ken Mansfield
Farm Silos, Tanks, and Precast
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Bob Francis
Sales Manager
Tower Silos for Commercial and Industrial uses.

Industrial Silos and Products

4, 30' x 140' silos for dry cement storage. 3000 Tons capacity/each silo.
Poured Concrete Storage Structures

Poured Concrete Silos for Farm & Industry Since 1908. Our silos are designed for many STORAGE uses such as:

  • WOODWASTE from sawmills, furniture factories, and Lumber producers.

Let our experienced crews, using quality controlled concrete, pour your next storage structure.

Our silos for the storage of DRY WOODWASTE have specially designed panels for explosion relief. These panels are located in the roof and top of the wall as needed.

Standard diameters: 16', 18', 20', 24', 30'

Silos designed with elevated floors for walk-thru, or truck drive-thru. Suspended concrete hopper floor for special uses.

Our silos are designed for Flying Dutchman and Laidig Unloaders.

Water & Wastewater Storage and Treatment Tanks

Cast-in-place concrete and precast concrete structures for small to medium sized, municipal or private water distribution and treatment systems. Cast-in-place concrete tanks are constructed by our experienced crews to fit your individual job specifications and drawings. Also, Sollenberger Silos Corp. has the capability to provide you with a design/built tank project to fit your specialized requirements. Sollenberger Silos Corp. has an economical, pre engineered "Precast Concrete Wall Panel" tank design to fulfill your general purpose water and wastewater storage and treatment needs.

Precast Concrete Containment Bin Walls

Single or multiple bay units designed and installed to suit your specific needs.

  • Standard panels are manufactured and in stock-ready for immediate delivery
  • A typical installation can be assembled at your job site in one (1) day
  • There is no construction waste and no mess to clean up
  • A typical installation can be expanded or relocated to meet your future needs
  • Used panels retain an excellent resale value
  • Custom built roof or cover systems can be adapted to the top of the precast wall For...
  • Recycled - glass, metals, plastics, & paper
  • Aggregates - gravel, sand, coal, etc.
  • Salt & fertilizer storage
  • Sludge
  • Composting materials

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